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  • Salary Advance Details Salary Advance Details
    • How much can I borrow?

      Our salary advance amounts range from 400,000 LBP to 1,500,000 LBP. However, the final amount to be disbursed will be approved by our credit department, depending on the applicant’s financial situation.

    • Over how many months will I be repaying my salary advance?

      You can settle your salary advance within 3 to 5 payments, with the first payment being within 45 days of your payday date.

    • What is the applied interest rate?

      The interest calculation is based on a daily rate.

    • How can I collect my salary advance?

      Upon approval, you can visit our office to pick up the cash or benefit from our free door to door loan delivery.

    • How can I settle my monthly installments?
      You have a variety of options to benefit from: You can visit our office to pay your monthly installment, transfer the installment via OMT or Fransabank, or have a driver visit you to collect the installment.
    • How can I apply for a salary advance?

      Apply here and our agents will call you shortly …

  • Conditions & Requirements Conditions & Requirements
    • Am I eligible for a salary advance?

      To be eligible, you must be:

      • Lebanese
      • Age between 21 and 64 years
      • Employed for at least 1 continuous year
    • What documents are required to apply for a salary advance?

      That’s easy and pretty simple! Upon applying, you should provide us with:

      • Copy of the proof of identity, such as a new civil register (dated maximum 6 months), valid passport, or ID card.
      • Copy of the proof of residence, or home title deed, valid rent contract, or utility bill dated maximum 6 months.
      •  Original proof of income, such as income certificate or payslip dated maximum 3 months, or statement of account for the last 3 or 6 months.

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